🥳 A Beautiful New Chapter In Bloom 🌼

Dedicated to Celebrating Gals of Faith

Our new Gift Shop is a sweet and fun blend of creativity and entertainment.
Designed to bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart, uplift, encourage
and sometimes a tear to your eye . . . a true reflection of life’s complexities.

Illuminating your path with light ...

Life is like a rollercoaster ride filled with delightful surprises and challenging hurdles. Over the last few years, I have been navigating holding onto joy, hope, and trusting in God’s plan as the wife and source of strength for my husband as he battles cancer. Like many women, I lean on the fantastic gals in my life. They are the cheerleaders, comedians, therapists, prayer warriors, and navigators through stormy seas and sunny days. Together we conquer mountains and dance in rainbows.

I created these charming whimsical designs to embrace and celebrate the awesomeness of the gals in your life and mine–and to treasure the connection with other kindred spirits.

As an artist, designer and writer, I take delight in using the gifts God gave me to add a little ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ to your day … a little beacon of light thru all seasons of this blessed life 🦋

Sprinkles of Love, Hope

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Spring 2024 - New Rebrand Launch 🥳

She celebrates new seasons …
knowing that each chapter in her story is written with Divine purpose.
~ Psalms 139:16

With our new gift shop and print providers, your item does not go to print until you place an order.
This sweet new approach lets us sprinkle a dash of personalization on your item(s)
and craft charming new designs to add to our gift shop quicker! Yippee!
Now you can enjoy a much larger assortment of
beautiful designed products, new collections, and more! YAY!

Est. 2018 - Sprinkling LOVE Into The World 💞

Celebrating A New Season - Same HEART for Giving Back

Your purchase contributes to SONflower Gal Compassion Fashion® Mission thru #givingback.
Launched in 2018 to raise money for compassion projects locally & globally.
A percentage of the profit from your purchase and from our fundraisers is donated.

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